Puma Browser is a crypto & ai mobile browser focused on making new protocols and LLMs easy to use on your mobile phone. Private by design.

Puma.network is a decentralized infrastructure layer focused on creating open LLMs and rewarding contributions of compute, feedback (RLHF) and data.

Hi all, I’m Yuriy, founder of Puma Browser. I've previously worked in developer relations at Facebook (Parse, YC S11), Meteor (YC S11), Cloudant (YC S08), and explored ML before it was cool (computer vision for self-driving cars) and dove deep into crypto in 2018. I view crypto as primarily a developer platform and an experiment in building an open financial system, which unfortunately comes with politics, hype, and price rollercoasters.

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Current Openings

📱 Engineering

Ai/ML Engineer

Browser Extension Engineer

📈 Growth

Head of Memes & Growth

What we offer:

🌎 We’re remote-first.

✨ Only two recurring weekly meetings to maximize state of flow.

💰 Capital efficient company with 3+ years of runway.

🙌 We’re careful with growth and never had to do layoffs.

💸 Competitive comp & equity package.


Core contributors

Yuriy (Founder and CEO): Previously Eng and Dev Advocate at Lyft, Meta (Parse) and YC startups Meteor, Cloudant (Acq. by IBM), Pagedraw.

Sergiy (Founding Engineer): React and full-stack Dev. Coinbase, Shopify, Ruutly (Acq.).

Yura (Founding Android Engineer): Lead Software Developer with over 10 years of experience, specializing in Android development and cross-platform projects.

Nazar (Founding iOS Engineer): Lead Software Developer with over 8 years of experience in high-performance data visualization, specializing in iOS & macOS development.

Part time contributors